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Cornell Mushroom Blog

This is a great place to find cutting edge research and articles by young mycologists. Awesome site "aimed at ordinary people with a tendency towards mycophilia" put together by Dr. Kathie Hodge.

Herman Brown’s Fungi-zette

Herman chronicles his mushroom adventures with lots of photos and an occasional newsletter to showcase events.

Hugh Smith

Hugh is one of the best mushroom photographers around. Hugh loves the hunt, and always takes his camera. Check out his brand new slideshows.

Mushroom Observer

Nathan Wilson and Jason Hollinger have created a terrific archive of thousands of photos, searchable and growing by the day.

Bolek Kuznick

Check out the variety and beauty of these photos, mostly from the Bay Area.

Studies in the Genus Amanita

Rod Tulloss' comprehensive website, with taxonomy, photos and descriptions of Amanitas worldwide.

Don Simoni’s Mushroom Adventures

Like to see how mushrooms are cultivated? Don has created boxes of fungi ready to grow. See pictures of his new operation near Marysville, California.

Small Things Considered - the Microbe Blog

It's not always about fungi, but we think you'll find this blog, co-authored by Elio Schaechter and Merry Youle, has consistently interesting stories about the smaller world around us.

Sudden Oak Death

This is the best web resource for learning more about SOD and it's causal agent, Phytophthora ramorum.